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Square Spiral
Oil on Canvas, 1990
Floating Masks
Watercolor on Paper, 1992
Untitled Figure Study
Watercolor on Paper, 1992
My Mask
Watercolor on Paper, 1988

Here you see some photos of my artwork. These pieces were created between the years of 1987 and 1993, which covers the period between my Junior year of high school and my Senior year of college. After college, I stopped painting for more than six years, in a large part because I felt very disillusioned and "burnt out" about art.

In June of 1999 I made the decision to start painting again, helped by a few words at the right time from my friends. The Web is also a huge help to me, both in providing resources and bringing my artwork to a larger audience than I could reach in the "real world."

For some strange reason, I've always been fascinated by this structure. It's nothing more than an oddly-shaped equipment shed at a local park, but the building was one of the few successful paintings I have ever done onsite, as opposed to in a studio or other enclosed space. The watercolor version shown here was painted outside, and while it is somewhat crude, the painting will always have a certain sentimental value to me. A-Frame (Watercolors)
Watercolor on Paper, 1989
A-Frame (Oils)
Oil on Canvas, 1990
Fair Scene I
Watercolor on Paper, 1989
This is another of my favorite subjects, one I wish I had explored further back when I painted these two scenes. The annual Fair is a big event, drawing thousands of people every day. I painted these scenes from photos I took of random fairgoers, and they remain among my favorite works from that period. I have recently shot several rolls of new film, and will do more paintings like these. Fair Scene II
Watercolor on Paper, 1989
Ink on Paper, 1989
City Hall
Ink on Paper, 1989
Ink on Paper, 1989

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I'm very interested in hearing any comments you may have about my art and/or my Web site. Feel free to email me with your thoughts and comments via the link below. Thanx!

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