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Carved Tree
Photograph, 1991
Entrance to Krause Hall
Photograph, 1991
Tree Columns
Photograph, 1991
Tree Branches
Photograph, 1991
Lone Tree
Photograph, 1991
Rock Wall
Photograph, 1991
Three Trees
Photograph, 1991
Trash Can
Photograph, 1991
Stairway Railing
Photograph, 1991

In college, I took an introductory course in photography. I was involved in every aspect of the creation of these photos. Not only did I snap the picture, but I developed the film, decided which negatives to use, and printed the final product. It was fun, but expensive: the equipment and chemicals for developing film and prints were provided for us, but film and paper was not. I would like to have followed through with it, but my camera broke halfway through the semester and I had to rely on borrowing one from the Photography department.

I quickly settled upon subject matter very different from most of my paintings. Instead of photographing people, I chose to photograph things like trees, rocks, and graves. I guess it was adolescent angst or something, but many of my best photos were taken in a graveyard near the school. During the day, it was very quiet and peaceful there, though I'd been warned not to go there at night - that's when the weirdos come out. Granted, taking photographs of headstones and monuments would probably qualify me as a weirdo, day or night, but that's the way it goes...

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