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Welcome to my Online Gallery!

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Like my style? Want a unique painting of your very own, made to your specifications? Submit a Commission Inquiry

See and Buy Tolun's Art on eBay! Low starting bids...

I am working on producing more paintings for sale. The paintings I have offered for sale can be seen and purchased in my Online Galleries. Check back soon to see new paintings, or email me for details.

Also, if you are interested in commissioning a specific painting, email me about it, or use this form and I will respond ASAP.

These paintings are available as reproductions on inexpensive, practical items created by Cafe Press. Current products available include t-shirts, mouse pads, and 11oz and 15oz mugs. Each image is set up with its own "store." Click on the picture you're interested in to go to the appropriate store.
Medium A-Frame
Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire
Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire
Stone Faces
Stone Faces
Dryads Series - Four Studies
Dryads Studies - Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Coming Soon: Individual Dryad Studies Items... In addition to the combined image, you will be able to purchase a range of items with the Dryad image or images of your choice on them.

I will be adding images to this selection as I continue to produce artwork. If there is an image in my galleries that you would like to see on one of these items, just let me know and if I can I will set up a store for that image. Many of the images on my site are eligible for this, including the older paintings and photographs. Just email me or use the form below to find out more.

To contact me about purchasing artwork or other items, or for general questions and comments, just fill out this form, or email Thanx...
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I'm very interested in hearing any comments you may have about my art and/or my Web site. Feel free to email me with your thoughts and comments via the link below. Thanx!

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