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Still Life with Apple and Pinapple
Oil on Canvas, 1988

Another of my favorite subjects, I painted a number of still lifes with pineapples, by themselves or with other objects, in oils, acrylics, and watercolors. These two are the best of the lot, the rest really weren't worth preserving…

Still Life with Pineapple
Watercolor on Paper, 1989
Oil on Canvas, 1988
Me N Cinn
Watercolor on Paper, 1990

The female figure has always been my favorite subject for drawings and paintings. For the sake of practicality, most of my work has been done from reference photographs; I have made sketches and paintings from live models, but for the most part they aren't good enough to preserve here. The works below are most of the best work from this early period. Numerous more recent examples are found elsewhere on the site.

Blue Figure Study
Watercolor on Paper, 1989
Untitled Figure Study
Ink on Paper, 1989
Untitled Figure Study
Watercolor on Paper, 1989
Yellow Figure Study
Watercolor on Paper, 1990
Purple Figure Study
Watercolor on Paper, 1990
Untitled Figure Study
Acrylic on Canvas, 1990

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